Literary Taxidermy Supports Ukraine

For the 2022 competition, Regulus Press decided to run the Literary Taxidermy Writing Competition as a fundraiser for Ukraine. We're a tiny organization, but we believe that we can make a difference.

We looked at many ways to support Ukraine, and decided in the end to donate to World Central Kitchen (WCK), an organization that focuses on peace and people, directly providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises, building resilient food systems with locally-led solutions. Working at a 24-hour pedestrian border crossing in southern Poland, WCK began serving hot, nourishing meals immediately. Now, they've expanded their efforts to serve people across the region in Romania, Moldova, and Hungary. WCK is also partnering with restaurants inside of Ukraine to get hot meals to anyone in need.

Regulus Press offered our competition participants the option of having 20% of their entry fee go directly to World Central Kitchen, and Regulus Press matched those donations up to $500. Writers had the opportunity to opt out, but we're pleased to announce we had 100% participation.

If you're interested in donating more on your own, here are some other organizations to consider supporting:

  • International Committee of the Red Cross
  • International Rescue
  • We Sing for Ukraine
  • White Lotus Buddhist Center Aid to Ukraine
  • Rick Thompson GoFundMe

  • Charity Navigator (a list of other vetted organizations)