Sponsors & Friends

If you've enjoyed our competitions, readings, and workshops—and would like to see them continue into the future, please consider making a donation to the Literary Taxidermy Writing Competition. Any amount helps! Running all these events is a labor of love, but they are neither easy nor inexpensive. It is only through the generous support of sponsors and friends like you that we are able to continue. To donate, just click the PayPal button below. (Note: You don't need to have a PayPal account to complete the transaction.)

Thank You!

We'd like to recognize those generous and helpful organizations and individuals who have helped us along the way during the Literary Taxidermy Writing Competition. They have donated time, money, or resources — and we couldn't run the competitions without their support. We'll continue to update this list throughout the year. If we've somehow forgotten to include you, please let us know!

Katherine Mansfield House & Garden
Paul Van Zwalenburg
Regulus Press
Team Trio
The Metropolitan Club

Andy Eccleshall for the covers of the 2018 anthologies.
Len Peralta for the covers of the 2020 anthologies.
Antoinette Ratcliffe for the cover of the 2021 anthology.

Almond Press
Calendars for Writers
Creative Writing Ink
Elementary Penguin Productions
Funds for Writers
Sara Vanderclute
Seattle Arts and Lectures
Writers' HQ

ACT Writers
Anson County Writers Club
Australian Writers Centre
Cary Hammer for inscrutability
CBC Books
Chesapeake Bay Writers
Chicago Writers Association
Christopher Fielden
Comox Valley Writers Society
Esme Stokley for inspiration.
Idaho Writers Conference
Idaho Writers Guild
Immigrant Writers Association
Literary Mama
Luke & Lizzy the dogs.
Maddow the dog.
Maine Poet Society
Milo the dog.
Monadnock Writers' Group
New Pages
Nothing in the Rulebook
Peter Cowan Writers Center
Pudding & Peanut the dogs.
Scottish Book Trust
Sim the cat.
South Carolina Writers Association
Southwest Writers
Stephie Smith
TAS Writers
Tofu the dog.
Writers Workshop
Writers Write