THANK YOU to all the writers who submitted stories to the 2021 Literary Taxidermy Writing Competition—run this year in association with an exhibition called Still Life | Wild Places housed at the Katherine Mansfield House & Gardens in Wellington, New Zealand. (You can read more about the exhibition here.) This year's participants were given the first and last lines from two works by modernist author Katherine Mansfield. Their task was to stitch together original stories and poems using those lines as their own start and finish.

Our task, of course, was to select and collect the best of those stories and poems—and it wasn't easy! We received hundreds of pieces in a variety of genres, including mystery, suspense, crypto-mythology, science fiction, meta-fiction, horror, poetry, and humor. In the end we narrowed the field to twenty remarkable entries—each as different from one another as the twenty remarkable authors who dreamt them up. You can find the latest results of this year's competition right here.

LATEST UPDATE! This year's anthology is AVAILABLE NOW in paperback or digital download! Please show your support for our wonderful authors—and for the Literary Taxidermy Writing Competition—by ordering a copy today.