THANK YOU to all the writers who submitted stories to the 2020 Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition. This year's participants were given the opening and closing lines of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and Beloved by Toni Morrison. Their task was to stitch together one or more original stories using those lines as their start and end.

Our task, of course, was to select and collect the best of those stories from both contests—Huxley and Morrison—and it wasn't easy! We received hundreds of tales in a variety of genres, including mystery, suspense, crypto-mythology, science fiction, meta-fiction, horror, poetry, and humor. In the end we narrowed the field to ten remarkable stories for each contest—twenty in total—stories as different from one another as the twenty authors who dreamt them up. You can find the latest results of this year's competition right here.

But the most exciting news? This year's anthology is available in an omnibus edition (paperback or digital download) or as standalone paperbacks! Please show your support for our wonderful authors—and for the Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition—by ordering a copy today. 


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