THANK YOU to all the writers who submitted stories to the 2019 Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition; and congratulations to the winner, finalists, and honorable mentions! This year's participants were given the opening and closing lines of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Their task was to stitch together an original story using "It was a pleasure to burn" and "When we reach the city" as the start and end of their narrative.

Our task, of course, was to select and collect the best of all those stories — and it wasn't easy! We received hundreds of tales in a variety of genres, including mystery, suspense, horror, poetry, romance, crypto-mythology, science fiction, meta-fiction, teen strife, erotica, and humor. In the end we narrowed the field to twenty-one remarkable stories, as different from one another as the twenty-one authors who dreamt them up.


From a cheerful cannibal to a transhuman plastivore, from a lovesick angel to a text-messaging devil, from a lonely teen with intimacy issues to a sultry virago who literally sets her bed afire — you've never read a collection of stories like this one! Come meet these incredible literary taxidermists from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Singapore, Canada, and Australia. And grab your copy now — these are all stories with pleasure to burn!

2019 Winner
Cuifen Chen, "Sunshade, Starlight"

2019 Finalists
Erika Bauer, "A Dark and Final Space"
Goh Yong Ming Calvin, "Yesterday"
Kit Carmona, "The 9000th Loop"
Cuifen Chen, "Sunshade, Starlight"
Jessica Dealing, "Cranes"
Justine Frakes, "Scattered Ashes"
Mariah Hopkins, "Waiting for the Great Fire"
Katy Madgwick, "Dust Jackets"
Alexander Christian Lwin, "Spark"
Shel Merlow, "In Defense of an Innocent"
A.M. Metivier, "Jane Austen Sucks"
M. W. Philip, "Let’s Go, Cowboy!”
Robert Lloyd Richardson, "Riding the Bull to the Louisville Market"
Christopher Rowson, "The Beginner's Guide to Endings"
Rachel Salhi, "Control Measures"
Phillip Sandberg, "Hail Celsius"
Shannon Savvas, "Ronnie"
Jennifer Smith, "The Morning Stars"
Marie Wilson, "Violette Aubergine"
Mado Yatta, "Hell Yes!"
Stephen Robin Yolland, "The Hunt"

2019 Honorable Mentions
Therese Adams, “Save the Children”
Jules Van Arden, “Polilla”
Martin Brennan, “Trailblazers”
Kale Brown, “City in the Sky”
Gilbert Ben Brynildsen, “The Black Hot Sauce”
Grey C. C., “Stowaways”
Stephanie Clark, “The Weight of Ash”
Ilana Conway, “The Pizza”
Michele Conyngham, “Sonnet 45 Degrees”
Shona Cook, “Walpurgisnacht”
Shona Cook, “Wild Swimming”
Shauna Crampsie, “An Exhaustive Cycle”
Nicole S. Entin, “The Divine Grill”
T.Y. Euliano, “The Intern”
Michelle Henry, “Petting Bumblebees”
Morgan Jeffery, “Painted Red”
Meredith Jelbart, “Of Fire and Flood”
Molly S. Kelash, “No Woman No Cry”
Mel Kennard, “Children of Summer”
Michael Lynch, “Eta Aquariids”
Sean McConville, “Rodentia Mutatis”
Jeremy McDonald, “The Westering Bulb”
Janna Tinley Miller, “Under the Grey”
Lucy Sarah Moor Tyndall, “The Gaslighting”
Cassandra Parkin, “The Only Things That Happen Are the Things inside Your Head”
Kate Phimy, “Remember Remember”
David Prysock, “Proxies”
Eric Reitan, “Phoenix without Fire”
Rick Shingler, “The Crusade of the Hellfire Kid”
Barbara Thompson, “Pull the Plug and Jump”
Alana Turner, “The Cleansing”
Seth Venable, “Sunburn”
Cecily Jane Vermote, “Sounds in the Dark”
Barbara Young, “Utopolis”
Sara E. Zeller, “Burning Bright”

Editors of This Year's Anthology
Mark Malamud
Paul Van Zwalenburg

Judges for This Year's Competition
Catherine Barnett
Kelley Eskridge
Christine S. O'Brien
Brian Parks
Michael Pronko
Becky Selengut
Nisi Shawl
Melora Wolff

and all the staff at Regulus Press....

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