We're pleased to announce the honorable mentions for the PARKER contest in this year's Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition. Although these stories did not make it into the Parker anthology, they all reached the penultimate round of selection, impressing our many readers. We're certain you'll be seeing more from these writers in the future. Please join us in offering congratulations to all the Parker contest honorable mentions!

    Yomn Alkhazaali, “-31.5” • Amy Bojang, “All at Sea” • Corina Clancy, “Call Me Cleopatra” • Cathy Day, “Forever A Part” • Essie Dee, “Working with Numbers” • Olivia Edwards, “Beloved Significant Other” • Sean Fallon, “Sext” • Dorothy Faulk and Marianne Nicol, “The Calling” • Deb y Felio, “New York, New York” • Lara Haynes Freed, “Belonging” • Ana Gardner, “The Recursion Problem” • AV Bruce, “The Trumpet” • Emily Hanlon, “Reunion” • Kirsten Irving, “The Tombola” • Samantha Johnson, “The Jellybean Bet” • Molly S. Kelash, “Death by Numbers” • Bethany King, “Silence” • Rachele Krivichi, “In the Shop” • Carol June Martin, “Pub People” • Lynn Maver, “The Whole Picture” • Rachelle Longé McGhee, “Femme Fatale” • D. A. Madigan, “Parker” • Charlene Mertz, “Thanksalot” • Skylar Nitzel, “Frozen Time” • Kierri Price, “Arithmomania” • Elaine Ricci, “A Dark Obsession” • Sierra B. Ryan, “Before Texting” • Vinnie Sarrocco, “Last Moments of Velma Barfield” • Danielle Sepulveres, “Girls Interrupted” • Jennifer Smith, “Naxos” • Sierra Smith, “The Consequences of Ignoring the Rain” • Bryan Teague, “What Is in Front of You” • D. J. Tyrer, “Inspection”

In recognition of their fine work, every honorable mention will be listed in TELEPHONE ME NOW, the Parker anthology. And stay tuned! We'll be announcing the finalists of the all three contests next week!

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