Regulus Press extends a tremendous THANK YOU! to all who participated in this year's LITERARY TAXIDERMY SHORT STORY COMPETITION, stitching together a heterogeneity of stories, poems, and epistles for a chance to win up to $1500 in cash as well as publication in our next Literary Taxidermy Anthology.

For this year's competition, writers came from around the globe — including the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, Russia, China, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. They took the opening and closing lines from The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett, Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll, and "A Telephone Call" by Dorothy Parker, and fashioned their own original stories (of up to 3000 words) in-between them. The stories spanned more than a dozen genres, including horror, science fiction, meta-fiction, poetry, satire, and romance.

Sadly, we are no longer accepting submissions for this year's competition. The deadline was 04 June 2018. However, our editorial staff is eagerly reading through everyone's work, our illustrious judges are preparing to adjudicate, and final results of the competition will be announced sometime in the fall 2018.

While we will continue to post competition news on our website, we encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list for more timely updates, including the announcement of this year's winners and runners-up, as well as news from Regulus Press concerning future events and publications related to literary taxidermy.