Submit Your Story!

So, you're ready to submit a story to this year's competition — fantastic! Just follow the steps below.

How to Submit Your Story

  1. First, make sure your story satisfies all the story content and formatting requirements as described in the Official Rules. Not following the rules will likely mean your entry is not considered, so please double-check everything. (You might want to use one of our Manuscript Templates to make sure you get the formatting correct.)
  2. Create an email message to
  3. Include the following two items in the body of your email.
           (1) Your full name.
           (2) The contest to which you are submitting (HAMMETT, CARROLL, or PARKER).
    Do NOT include anything else.
  4. Attach your story to your email as a single PDF. The filename of your PDF should derive from the title of your story. (For example: great_story.pdf.) Do NOT use your name as any part of the filename.
  5. Make sure to send your story from an email address we can use to contact you if you're a winner or runner-up. (In other words, don't send it from an email account you never check.)
  6. If you've written a story for multiple contests, send each story in a separate email.
  7. Once you've sent us your story, please consider paying the voluntary entry fee. If you have a significant financial hardship that makes paying the entry fee too burdensome, or even if there’s some other reason that would make the fee unreasonable, you don’t have to pay it. All we ask is that if you end up skipping the entry fee, please consider contributing in some other way: for example, by spreading the word on social media, or directly to those writers you think may like to participate.
  8. To pay the fee, enter your email address in the field below and then click the Paypal link. Note: You don't need to have a Paypal account to complete this transaction.

    Your Email
  9. That's it! We will send you confirmation email when your submission has been received and your payment has been processed. We will also send email to the winners and runners-up upon conclusion of the competition. We look forward to reading your work.

    Good luck!